As a professional carpet cleaner I understand how important it is to you that your carpets are well maintained and looked after. Carpets naturally get a hard time from everyday use, whether from general use, children and pets playing on them or food and drink spillages all lead to a dirtier carpet.

To maintain a clean look and feel, carpets require regular care which will also extend their life as well as ensure good general hygiene. Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is recommended by most carpet manufacturers. This is my preferred method because it cleans deep down into the fibres leaving your carpets feeling clean and fresh.

My extensive cleaning process will guarantee your much loved carpets are cleaned to a high standard. In order to be safe for you and your family all my products are eco and pet friendly.

Before cleaning commences the carpets will be thoroughly pre-vacuumed to remove as much dry soil as possible. Most carpets will be cleaned using hot water extraction (steam cleaning) as this will provide the most effective and thorough deep clean of the carpet. This leaves the carpet damp not wet, and can be dry within 2 - 4 hours depending on level of soiling and carpet fibres. Where this is not possible or inappropriate, I have a range of low moisture or dry cleaning systems available.

The key to keeping your carpets clean is good maintenance. By introducing regular cleaning to your carpets you are ensuring they will not only look good but will last longer.

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