As professional carpet and upholstery cleaners I understand that your carpet and upholstery is a major investment and when you’re welcoming clients and customers to your work place/business, I know you want their first impressions of you to be great ones. So it’s a shame to let the dirt and debris that can build up and stop your carpet looking as beautiful as the day you bought it. Commercial carpet cleaning for Pubs, Restaurants and Offices etc all have one thing in common. No one takes their shoes off which results in heavily soiled carpets.

Commercial carpet cleaning differs from domestic carpet cleaning due to the nature and intensity of the amount of dirt found in the carpet, the types of materials the carpets are made of and the amount of staining that can occur because of the nature of your business therefore the products I use to remove the dirt and stains also differ.

Having a clean, healthy working environment is not only important to your employees, but also provides the professional image you want for your customers too.

Due to the high cost and constantly replacing carpets and upholstery many businesses have now seen the benefits of carpet and upholstery cleaning and maintenance carpet cleans.

​Not only will you maintain clean and healthy carpets in your business premises, but you will prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery which in the long run will save you on costly replacements.

My commercial carpet cleaning services can be scheduled around your hours of operation and business needs. I can schedule evenings and weekends.

Commercial carpet cleaning York
Commercial carpet cleaner in York